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Windows licensing price drop

Following our SSD Cloud Server price drop back in April, we’re now simplifying licencing for windows cloud servers.

From today we’re changing to a flat fee of £0.035/hr (roughly £25/month) for all Cloud Servers using our official Windows 2008 R2 licensed images.

Previously, we charged for Windows licencing on a “sliding scale” depending on the size of the cloud server - but now the same fee will apply regardless of the underlying cloud server specification.

For cloud servers with 2GB RAM and above this will represent significant savings compared to our old model. Servers with just 1GB of RAM will see a slight price increase but we’ll be honouring the price for any existing customers who won’t be benefiting overall from the changes.

As always, if you’re not already a Brightbox customer you can get signed up in 2 minutes and start building Windows-licensed Cloud Servers across two UK datacentres straight away. We’ll even apply an automatic £20 credit to get you started.

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