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Zero-config Cloud Databases

Create high performance MySQL and PostgreSQL servers in minutes. All configuration is handled by our cloud orchestration systems. Benefit from our many years of experience managing large database infrastructure.

High performance SSD storage

You don’t have to pay extra for high performance disk storage for your Cloud SQL instances. It’s included by default, naturally.

Simple Pay-as-you-go Pricing

You don’t need a team of chartered accountants to calculate pricing for Brightbox Cloud SQL! There are no commitments, monthly minimums or upfront payment required. Simply pay by the hour.

Automated Database Snapshots

Schedule simple automatic database snapshots for your peace-of-mind. Cloud SQL snapshots are stored in Orbit, our distributed cloud storage system providing built-in offsite backups by default.

Hassle-free automated security updates

Minor version updates, patches and security updates are applied automatically to your Cloud SQL instances during the weekly one hour maintenance window which you can set to a time most convenient for you.

Seamless upgrades and migrations

Map and remap Cloud IPs to your Cloud SQL instances to provide seamless scaling to larger instances. Use standard MySQL and PostgreSQL tools to migrate your data in and out of Cloud SQL, with zero lock-in.

Simple and Convenient

Cloud SQL instances can be created and updated instantly via the Brightbox Manager web app, the CLI or REST API.

Cloud IP enabled

Cloud IPs are public IP addresses which can be instantly moved between Cloud SQL instances, Cloud Servers or Load Balancers.

Secure Access control

Easily enable access to your Cloud SQL instances with access control. Cloud firewall configuration is tightly integrated behind-the-scenes.