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High Performance

Brightbox Cloud Servers are on-demand, performance-optimised virtual machines, backed by lightning-fast SSD storage and our next generation network. Creating a new cloud server takes as little as 30 seconds!

Isolated datacentre "Zones"

Zones are physically separate datacentre facilities interconnected by our superfast and secure network. For true redundancy, simply create Cloud Servers in both Zones and use Load Balancing to distribute traffic across them.

UK Owned and Operated

Brightbox is a completely independent, wholly owned UK company. No staff outside of the UK have access to infrastructure and your data never leaves the UK.

Truly Private Networking

Our high performance and highly available network provides each of your Cloud Servers with its own separate network segment, secure from spoofing or eavesdropping.

Cloud IP enabled

Cloud IPs are public IP addresses which can be instantly moved between Cloud Servers, Load Balancers or Cloud SQL instances.

Cloud Firewall

Brightbox Cloud firewall enables you to effortlessly manage access to, from and between your Cloud Servers. Its distributed architecture avoids the single points of failure and bottlenecks associated with many firewall solutions.

Use any Operating System

Brightbox Cloud works with any operating system. Choose one of our "official" images, import your own, or even PXE boot from the Internet!

Auto install SSH keys

Access to Brightbox Cloud Servers is passwordless. Simply add your SSH public key to your account and the keys are automatically added to new servers.

PXE boot

Cloud Servers can PXE boot from the network instead of loading the installed operating system - providing endless options for using obscure operating systems and rescuing broken servers.

Metadata service

Provide launch-time user data to enable customisation of your cloud servers or run cloud-init on launch.

Out-of-band console access

Our browser-based graphical console enables you to connect securely to your Cloud Servers to view what is being output to screen - incredibly useful for diagnosing boot issues.

Native IPv6 enabled

Brightbox cloud servers support native IPv6 connectivity, and can be directly accessed via IPv6 before a Cloud IP is mapped to them. Our firewall is also dual-stack.


We provide a RESTful API as well as a simple command-line interface. Our flexible OAuth-based authentication system gives you fine grained control over who has access to your account and resources.

No-fuss import/export

Managing cloud server images is a breeze - simply upload your OS images and download your snapshots as raw disk images from Orbit via SFTP. Optionally share your OS images with other Brightbox users by making them "public".