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Why choose Orbit?

UK Owned and Operated

Brightbox is a completely independent, wholly owned UK company. No staff outside of the UK have access to infrastructure and your data never leaves the UK.

Highly Secure

Orbit is designed for security from top to bottom. Data is encrypted in transit and "at rest". You also have complete access control over your Orbit containers.

Highly Durable

Orbit ensures that there are always 3 copies of each object, stored on separate storage devices.


Orbit is self-healing, which means that disk or device failures are handled seamlessly. If one of the 3 copies of the object goes away, Orbit automatically handles respawning additional copies.

Highly Available

Orbit has no single point of failure. Storage devices are distributed seamlessly across our two UK datacentres and accessed via our anycast load balancers, so your data could survive the loss of an entire datacentre!

Simple Pay-as-you-go Pricing

There are no commitments, monthly minimums or upfront payment required. You are billed only for what you use at just 5p per GB per month.

Based on Openstack Swift

Orbit is based on Openstack Swift and is API compatible, meaning there are many tools, language bindings and even a simple SFTP service so you can upload and download objects with ease.

Manual Data Import

If you have a lot of data you'd like to import, you can send us physical media such as SATA or USB storage devices and we'll fully manage importing your data into Orbit.

Private Dedicated Clusters

We can also build and manage a private Openstack Swift cluster just for you, on separate storage devices within our Geo-redundant infrastructure.