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Signing up

This guide will take you through signing up for Brightbox Cloud using Brightbox Manager. You’ll need a phone number in the country to which you’re registering the account and a valid credit card.

The first step is to tell us about you. Your name, email address and your public SSH key. The SSH key is optional at this stage, but most server images (with the exception of Windows) require one to grant access rather than insecurely setting and distributing passwords.

Account info

Then you need to tell us about the account you want to create. These details will be included on your invoices.


If you’re signing up to be a collaborator on someone else’s account and don’t want an account of your own, you can skip this step by clicking Skip account setup for now. This will skip the billing details step too.

Billing details

Now enter your credit or debit card details and click Next to verify them. If you have any problems at this step, double check your card details and account details. You may need to contact your card provider if our validation attempted failed.

Phone verification

Then onto the phone verification. As a fraud reduction measure, all new accounts have to be verified by phone. Set a phone number and click Call me now. You’ll receive an automated call which will read out a four digit number. Type it into the boxes and click Verify PIN.

If you miss the call or mistype the number, click Restart verification and you’ll be called right back.


Sign up is now complete and you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can start building your cloud servers.

Last updated: 22 Mar 2016 at 16:07 UTC

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