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Wanted: Senior Ruby Software Engineer

Job description:

In the three and a half years since Brightbox started, we’ve built a solid reputation for our “Serious Rails Hosting” platform. We’ve spent the last twelve months building Brightbox Cloud our new cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service which is already making big waves. We’re now looking for an experienced software engineer to join our small but highly productive development team. This is an awesome opportunity to use your skills and experience to help shape our future products and direction in this exciting and fast growing industry.

Main responsibilities:

  • Lead development of our distributed cloud management and automation systems
  • Break down complex projects into clear tasks and specs
  • Proactively find ways of improving our services, systems and code
  • Efficiently manage your own workload as well as that of others
  • Extract code to be released as free software projects

The ideal candidate:

You have an insatiable desire to understand things, to break them apart and to fix them. You are continuously looking for ways to improve things. You are enthusiastic about some technologies and vocalise your reasoned dislike for others. You have strong opinions and stand by them when it really matters, but are willing to compromise when it doesn’t. You are able to communicate your ideas succinctly with eloquence and clarity. You have probably contributed to some free software projects, and perhaps started your own. You don’t take yourself too seriously and are comfortable with others reviewing your work. You love what you do.

Skills & Experience:

  • Several years experience of coding in Ruby
  • Experience with Ruby web frameworks, such as Rails, Sinatra
  • Experience of testing frameworks, such as rspec
  • Experience of deployment using tools, such as Capistrano
  • In-depth knowledge of distributed cloud infrastructure concepts
  • Experience programming asynchronous systems
  • Experience consuming and creating APIs
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced, agile environment
  • Ability to empathise with users

Our team:

We’re Ruby developers and system engineers. We’re obsessive about great user experience and clear documentation. We’re passionate about high availability, performance and consistency, though not all at once. We’ve coded seriously in Ruby, C, Delphi, Ada, C++, Python, Amiga AMOS, PHP, Java, Objective-C, Pascal, Eiffel, Basic, Perl, Informix 4GL, Javascript and Bash. We use Ubuntu, Centos and OS X. We take our work seriously but we have a lot of fun.

Our teams are geographically distributed, communicating in real-time throughout the working day using our private Jabber conference or phone calls. We manage our work with Redmine, usually organising chunks of work into weekly sprints. We’re a lean organisation – you’ll have direct access to leadership as well as other teams. Our development, engineering and operations teams all work closely together which shortens the feedback loop and means we get things done better.


Remote, but ideally working within 2 hours of UTC.


circa £55k p.a. (depending on experience).

Closing date:

Friday 22nd April 2011.

How to apply:

Send a hello email and a CV (PDF or plain text) to jobs@brightbox.co.uk. All correspondence from recruitment agents must be in Esperanto and to our special recruitment email address: root@localhost

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