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Brightbox have been exceptional since the day that we signed up. Incredibly responsive support and uptime so good that I don't even think about it.

Really love using the Brightbox control panel to manage our cloud servers, ips, firewall and cloud storage. Much easier to use than Amazon AWS. Also customer support is just excellent, with incredible response times.

I’m not really an ops-guy, but the simplicity of the interface and the helpful Brightbox team made me think that I could do it. It’s been 5 years!

We have used Brightbox for the last 8 years and have been grateful for the rock solid infrastructure, expertise and thoughtful support they have provided. Thank you!

API Tools & Integrations

# Create a server
$ curl \
    -X POST \   
    -H "Authorization: Bearer 414028a4b75139fc1b03b51dc294d1b4c591d666" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"image":"img-s0jtd","name":"Test server from API"}'

   "resource_type" : "server",
   "id" : "srv-mcj3x",
   "created_at" : "2018-08-10T13:54:21Z",
   "console_token" : null,
   "started_at" : null,
   "cloud_ips" : [],
   "snapshots" : [],
   "name" : "Test server from API",

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$ brightbox servers create -n "Test server from CLI" img-19gmq

Creating a 1gb.ssd (typ-w0hf9) server with image ubuntu-precise-12.04-amd64-server (img-19gmq)

 id         status    type     zone   created_on  image_id   cloud_ips  name           
 srv-zx1hd  creating  1gb.ssd  gb1-b  2015-10-29  img-19gmq             Test server from CLI

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require 'fog'

compute =
  :provider => :brightbox,
  :brightbox_client_id => "cli-xyzab",
  :brightbox_secret => "some_secret"

zone = compute.zones.first
compute.servers.create(:zone_id =>, :image_id => 'img-s0jtd')

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func main() {
        apiUrl := ""

        // Setup OAuth2 authentication
        conf := clientcredentials.Config{
                ClientID:     "cli-xxxxx",
                ClientSecret: "somesecret",
                Scopes:       []string{},
                TokenURL:     apiUrl + "/token",
        oc := conf.Client(oauth2.NoContext)
        // Setup connection to API
        client, err := brightbox.NewClient(apiUrl, "", oc)

        // Get a list of servers
        servers, err := client.Servers()
        for _, server := range servers {
                fmt.Printf("id:%s name:%s\n", server.Id, server.Name)

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$ docker-machine create -d brightbox \
--brightbox-client cli-xyzab \
--brightbox-client-secret some_secret

Running pre-create checks...
Creating machine...
Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes...
Machine is running, waiting for SSH to be available...
Detecting operating system of created instance...
Provisioning created instance...
Copying certs to the local machine directory...
Copying certs to the remote machine...
Setting Docker configuration on the remote daemon...
To see how to connect Docker to this machine, run: docker-machine env example

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provider "brightbox" {
  version = "~> 1.0"
  username = "${var.user_email_address}"
  password = "${var.user_secret_password}"
  account = "${var.account_to_work_on}"
$ terraform init

Initializing provider plugins...
- Checking for available provider plugins on
- Downloading plugin for provider "brightbox" (1.0.5)...

Terraform has been successfully initialized!

You may now begin working with Terraform. Try running "terraform plan" to see
any changes that are required for your infrastructure. All Terraform commands
should now work.

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