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15GB SSD Storage
1 CPU core
£0.00959 per hour
(£7 per month)
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30GB SSD Storage
1 CPU core
£0.021 per hour
(£15 per month)
40GB SSD Storage
2 CPU cores
£0.037 per hour
(£27 per month)
60GB SSD Storage
2 CPU cores
£0.067 per hour
(£49 per month)
80GB SSD Storage
2 CPU cores
£0.123 per hour
(£90 per month)
120GB SSD Storage
2 CPU cores
£0.247 per hour
(£180 per month)
  • Completely independent UK owned and operated
  • Instantly re-mappable IPv4 public Cloud IPs
  • Blisteringly fast SSD storage
  • Native dual stack IPv6 and IPv4
  • Two UK datacentres for true georedundancy
  • Load balancing for high performance and availability
  • Truly private local networking between Cloud Servers
  • Simple and powerful distributed Cloud Firewall
  • Use any OS (even bring your own!)
  • 100% Uptime guarantee
  • Instant snapshots to our Orbit object store
  • Browser based console access for debugging
  • AWS compatible metadata service
  • 30 second cloud server builds

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Cloud Server Pricing (SSD)

Brightbox SSD Cloud Servers are next generation high performance cloud servers, backed by lightning-fast persistent SSD storage.

Standard SSD cloud server types are perfect for app and web servers and High IO SSD cloud servers have higher capacity disks, more CPU cores and a higher guaranteed share of resources – ideal for your heavier workloads.

Windows Cloud Servers incur an additional licence fee of £0.035 per hour (approx £25 per month).

More about Cloud Servers

Standard Cloud Servers
RAM SSD storage CPU cores Hourly price Monthly price
512MB 15GB 1 £0.00959 £7
1GB 30GB 1 £0.021 £15
2GB 40GB 2 £0.037 £27
4GB 60GB 2 £0.067 £49
8GB 80GB 2 £0.123 £90
16GB 120GB 2 £0.247 £180
32GB 180GB 4 £0.479 £350
48GB 240GB 4 £0.685 £500
64GB 300GB 8 £0.959 £700
High IO Cloud Servers
RAM SSD storage CPU cores Hourly price Monthly price
16GB 300GB 4 £0.301 £220
32GB 450GB 8 £0.589 £430
48GB 600GB 8 £0.890 £650
64GB 750GB 16 £1.233 £900

Cloud SQL Pricing

Cloud SQL is our zero-config relational database cloud service which enables you to create high performance MySQL database instances in minutes.

Cloud SQL combines the performance and security of a dedicated database server with the agility and convenience of a cloud service.

More about Cloud SQL

RAM SSD storage CPU cores Hourly price Monthly price
2GB 20GB 2 £0.053 £39
4GB 40GB 2 £0.095 £69
8GB 60GB 2 £0.164 £120
16GB 100GB 2 £0.301 £220
32GB 120GB 4 £0.562 £410

Orbit Pricing

Orbit is our highly durable and highly available UK-based cloud object storage service, where your files are automatically distributed over multiple storage devices and across multiple datacentres for maximum resilience.

Brightbox Orbit storage is billed per GB per month.

More about Orbit storage

Orbit storage pricing
£0.05 per GB / month

Cloud IP Pricing

Cloud IPs are re-mappable public IPv4 addresses that can be instantly moved between any of your Cloud Servers, Load Balancers or Cloud SQL instances. Each Cloud IP currently allocated to your account, whether mapped or unmapped, is billed by the hour. Cloud IPs can be allocated to and released from your account at any time whenever you need them.

Hourly price Monthly price
£0.0035 per Cloud IP £2.55 per Cloud IP

Load Balancer Pricing

Brightbox Load Balancers enable you to distribute traffic across a pool of cloud servers. They operate on a layer that spans multiple datacentre zones using anycast, so that each Load Balancer is highly available within a Region.

Each Load Balancer supports multiple protocols and is able to comfortably handle 40,000 concurrent connections. Additional scaling options are available, please contact us for details.

More about Load Balancers

Concurrent connections Hourly price Monthly price
40,000 £0.04 £29.20
Unlimited Please get in touch for custom pricing

Data transfer

Internet data is billed by the gigabyte, aggregated for your account. Data transferred between cloud servers within the same datacentre zone or across datacentre zones in the same region is free-of-charge.

Discounts are available for bulk bandwidth purchases, please contact us for details.

Data transfer type Price
Local/Private (e.g between Cloud Servers) FREE
Between datacentre zones (e.g between Cloud Servers) FREE
Inbound internet data FREE
Outbound internet data £0.06 per GB

Pricing FAQs

How does billing work?

All of the products available within Brightbox Cloud are provided on a metered billing basis. Our cloud billing system collects usage data from across our infrastructure every minute and generates invoices monthly in arrears.

Do I need to make a pre-payment before using Brightbox Cloud?

No. Unlike many other cloud services, you don't need to make a payment before using Brightbox - you only need to add a valid credit card.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We currently accept both Visa and Mastercard.

Which currencies do you support?

We only bill in Pounds Sterling (GBP) at present. We may add multi-currency in future.

When does billing for a Cloud Server or Load Balancer start and stop?

Billing starts only when the requested resource (e.g a Cloud Server or Load Balancer) first becomes "Active" and is ready to use. Billing stops as soon as a "destroy" request is received by the API. In other words, we start billing as late as possible and we stop billing as early as possibly - so that you only pay whilst a particular resource is usable by you.

Can I make pre-payments?

Yes, although it's not a requirement, you can make ad-hoc payments to your Brightbox account and maintain a credit balance. When you receive your monthly invoice, your prepaid balance is deducted first and the remainder is then charged to your registered credit card.

Can I make a payment by BACS/bank transfer?

Yes, you can make a pre-payment (see above) via BACS/bank transfer, although you must always have a valid credit card registered in your Brightbox account. An administration fee of £25 will be deducted from any amounts you transfer to cover our bank charges and admin fees.

Will VAT be added to my invoices?

As a VAT-registered UK company, we're required to add VAT to purchases from: (a) EU-based customers without a valid VAT registration number and, (b) all UK-based customers (regardless of VAT status).

EU-based customers with a valid VAT registration number registered to their Brightbox account will not be charged VAT. Also, customers based outside of the EU and, therefore, outside the scope of VAT will not be charged VAT.

Are there volume discounts available?

Yes, please contact our sales team to discuss volume discounts.

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