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15th May 2023

  • Update Brightbox REST API to v1.34.0
    • Adds metdata query parameter to show metadata/labels in the API output
    • Removed inaccurate deleteLoadBalancer example where a 409 Conflict was documented but could not be returned
    • API schema now enforced on createDatabaseServer and updateDatabaseServer
  • The following features are reported as labels are added:
    • features.brightbox.com/cluster_ips reports if an account should see cluster IPs directly
    • features.brightbox.com/resize reports if a database server can be resized
    • features.brightbox.com/nbs reports if a zone has network block storage available
  • Various fixes when updateDatabaseServer was passed null values where only strings should be allowed.

20th April 2023

  • Fix meta.images field to GraphQL API to stabilise order by grouping by “available” and “deprecated” images.

9th March 2023

  • Changed createDatabaseServer to randomise the maintenance_workday and maintenance_hour if not specified.
  • Fixes to internal handling of ACME process to better support when upstream is unavailable.

27th February 2023

  • Updated Brightbox REST API to v1.33.1
    • Documents events API limit option as capped at 50 entries.

23rd February 2023

  • Updated Brightbox REST API docs to v1.33.0 removing support for FTP based Image registrations from API. This has been replaced by HTTP based registration.
    • createImage not longer supports the source parameter
    • Accounts resetFtpPassword now returns 410 Gone as no FTP access is available.
    • account attributes related to FTP now show as blank strings or null.

16th February 2023

  • Fixed an issue when unsupported characters in email address would raise a server error.
  • Fixed issues handling invalid query parameters that could cause server errors.

8th February 2023

  • Released brightbox-cli v4.5.0.
    • Added sql instances reset subcommand to restart DBMS when stuck or to pick up new resources.
    • Added sql instances resize subcommand to increase available resources available to database server.
    • Changelog
  • Updated Brightbox REST API docs to v1.32.1
    • Added Databaseserver.resize to request increasing resources available to a database server.
    • Added DatabaseServer.reset to allow resetting DBMS when stuck or to pick up increased resources.
    • Fixes to inconsistent ISO8601 time precision across different resources
  • Fixed an issue in event stream API where a resource action was marked as affecting itself.
  • Fixed an issue in event API where the same resource was reported as being affected multiple times.
  • Fixed spelling of occurred across error messages and documentation.

26th January 2023

24th January 2023

12th January 2023

  • Released brightbox-cli v4.3.2.
    • Declared top level help for volumes subcommand
    • Fix volumes update --delete-with-server switch
    • Fix lbs update --sslv3 switch
    • Fix servers update --compatibility-mode switch
    • Workaround GLI issue where command switches are always present resulting in API requests on updates always using a default value even if nothing was passed in by user.
    • Changelog

11th January 2023

10th January 2023

9th January 2023

15th December 2022

  • Updated Brightbox REST API docs to v1.31.0
    • Added User.2fa to output
    • Fixes to some required properties missed due to typos
    • Fixes to some nested schema where full rather than compact schema were used.
  • Added meta.images field to GraphQL API to expose public image details.

13th December 2022

  • Updated Brightbox REST API docs to v1.30.0
    • Added Volume.zone to output
    • Added createDatabaseSnapshot operation
    • Added DatabaseType.cores to output
  • Added meta.databaseTypes field to our GraphQL API to expose available database server types without authentication.

5th December 2022

  • Fix extending timeouts for image registration when URL a slow HTTP source.
  • Early release of Metrics API.
  • Released fog-brightbox v1.8.1 to enable newer image registration API calls. Full Changelog.

23rd November 2022

  • Increased load balancer reserved buffer size for request header processing to fix handing of X-Forwarded-For on large requests.

9th November 2022

  • Relocate global search out of the top bar into a modal to avoid confusion with resource list filters. Invoke search by clicking search icon or keystroke / or cmd + k
  • Expose Zone attribute on Volumes
  • Display a reload button should a browser become disconnected from the event stream

3rd November 2022

  • Added event records when server and database server snapshots are automatically cleaned up replacing a server event.
  • Fix to push event notifications to a server or database server when a snapshot is cleaned up on schedule.

1st November 2022

  • Updated CreateImage API call to allow http_url as an alternative source. This may be used to request a new image from an existing file retrieved using HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Performance fix in CreateServer API call on certain hosts.
  • Released brightbox-cli v4.2.0
    • Added support for images create to use the new url, server, and volume arguments.

23rd October 2022

  • Added the Ubuntu 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) official image.

18th October 2022

14th October 2022

28th September 2022

  • Added X-JWT-Expires-In header to API response, where applicable, to report expiry of JSON web token in number of seconds.

26th September 2022

  • Added Control Panel panel support for creating Cloud Server Images (Snapshots) from Volumes

21st September 2022

  • Added new CreateDatabaseSnapshot API call to create snapshots from the database server ID.
  • Deprecated SnapshotDatabaseServer API call replaced by above.
  • Fixed issue with out of sync JSON Web Token/cookie expiry times reducing sessions times.
  • Fixed typo in brightbox-two-factor cookie name. This may trigger another two factor authentication request.
  • Fixed issue when requesting missing *.js files returned a server error.

16th September 2022

  • Deprecated the Debian 9 official image. Debian 9 reached EOL on 30th June 2022.

14th September 2022

  • Added Control Panel support for resizing cloud servers with local storage
  • Added My IP Address convenience option to Control Panel firewall rule editor (as per Cloud SQL access control rules)

5th September 2022

  • Added Control Panel support for attaching Volumes to Cloud Servers with local storage server types
  • Added Control Panel support for editing firewall rule descriptions

1st September 2022

  • Promotional free pricing for Block Storage Volumes ends. Standard pricing is £0.10 per GB/month

31st August 2022

  • Added API support for resizing servers with local storage.
  • Added a more specific host_volume_support_failure API error returned when attaching a volume fails due to the capabilities of an existing server’s host. Also corrected a typo in the human readable error message.
  • Updated API docs to v1.26.0
    • Fixed incorrectly specified nested associations which previously reported multiple levels deep by referencing top level collections. The API behaviour did not change but the API docs described them inaccurately.
    • Standardised on “compact” subschema to replace “nested” named versions.
    • Renamed “SQL snapshots” to “Database Snapshots” to match other resources.
  • Released brightbox-cli v4.1.0
    • Add volume-size to servers create to allow passing of arbitary sizes for network based storage types.
    • Full Changelog.
  • Released fog-brightbox v1.8.0 to add support for passing volume_size during server creation. Full Changelog.

17th August 2022

16th August 2022

  • Added API support for attaching Volumes to Cloud Servers with local SSD storage server types
    • Servers created before 22nd June 2022 may need to be shutdown and started to gain support
  • API call to mapCloudIp can now accept a Server identifier directly rather than requiring an Interface ID.
  • Fixed rewrite issue preventing viewing API docs without file extension.

10 August 2022

  • Added an additional 10Gbps capacity to BSO IP Transit interconnect

8 August 2022

  • Add DatabaseEngine resources to Brightbox REST API
    • Includes expose available engines: (MySQL and PostgreSQL).
    • Includes details of available versions.
  • Fixed API docs to use “Database Servers” instead of “Cloud SQL” or “SQL instances” to standardised terms. This changed some API operation names.
  • Added meta.databaseEngine field to our GraphQL API to expose available engines and versions without authentication.

1 August 2022

  • Released brightbox-cli v4.0.0
    • Improved support for two factor authentcation (2FA), automatically prompting without any configuration requirements.
      • brightbox login will work correctly if 2FA is enabled for your user.
    • Added support to specify Image --min-ram when creating or updating. This can be used to prevent creating a server without the required amount of RAM to boot successfully.
    • Improved release process including Rubygems Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
    • Added support for Ruby 3.1 and 3.2 to automated testing.
    • Support for older Rubies have been dropped. Ruby 2.5 is the earliest supported version.
    • Using fog-brightbox v1.7.0 with improved 2FA behaviour and fixed missing attributes.
    • Removed hypenated versions of sub-commands left for backward compatibility with earlier gems. Use brightbox servers instead of brightbox-servers.
    • Updates to several gems to fix deprecation warnings seen on supported Ruby versions.
    • Dozens of other tweaks and fixes.
    • Full Changelog.
  • Corrected API specification to remove some documented but non-existant attributes, firewall_rule.name and account.description.
  • Fixed a possible issue sending a support message.

28 July 2022

27 July 2022

  • Load balancers now support elliptic curve private keys.
  • Fixed a problem formatting extremely long names on invoices.
  • Added meta.serverTypes field to our GraphQL API to expose available server types and specs without authentication.

22 July 2022

  • New My IP Address convenience option for Cloud SQL access control rules in Control Panel

15 July 2022

13 July 2022

  • Our main phone number has changed to +44(0)113 347 4977.

6 July 2022

  • Cloud SQL backend infrastructure improvements which greatly increase Cloud SQL instance builds and future database engine version releases
  • Database engine version updates:
    • MySQL 5.6 removed
    • PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6 removed
    • PostgreSQL 13 and 14 added

27 June 2022

22 June 2022

20 April 2022

  • Added glue records to brightbox.com domain, reducing latency of all uncached DNS lookups.

5 April 2022

  • All our DNS servers now have IPv6 AAAA records.

1 December 2021

22 October 2021

7 October 2021

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