Load Balancers High Availability and scalability for your apps in seconds.


Highly Available

Intelligently distribute requests to cloud servers in both Brightbox UK datacentres, providing unbeatable redundancy. Using anycast, our cloud load balancers can tolerate the loss of an entire datacentre zone without disruption!

High Performance

Brightbox cloud load balancers are incredibly fast, handling up to 40,000 concurrent connections and processing up to 1.4 Gbps of encrypted HTTPS traffic (or up to 1.8 Gbps of standard HTTP traffic)!

Simple and Convenient

Brightbox load balancers can be created and updated instantly through the Brightbox Manager web app, the CLI or REST API.

Automated health checks

The cloud load balancer service runs continuous health-checks on each of your backend Cloud Servers and automatically removes any unresponsive servers from the pool until they return to full health.

Cloud IP enabled

Cloud IPs are public IP addresses which can be instantly moved between Load Balancers, Cloud Servers or Cloud SQL instances. Domain names are configured using standard DNS A-records or CNAMEs.

HTTPS acceleration

Brightbox Load Balancers can decrypt SSL/TLS traffic at up to 1.4 Gbps and are compatible with SSL v3, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate generation and renewal or bring your own.

Multi-port and Multi-protocol

Each Load Balancer can balance multiple protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, FTP, Websockets etc) across multiple backend ports simultaneously.

Load Balancer Pricing

Brightbox Load Balancers enable you to distribute traffic across a pool of cloud servers. They operate on a layer that spans multiple datacentre zones using anycast, so that each Load Balancer is highly available within a Region.

Each Load Balancer supports multiple protocols and is able to comfortably handle 40,000 concurrent connections. Additional scaling options are available, please contact us for details.

More about Load Balancers

Concurrent connections Hourly price Monthly price
40,000 £0.04 £29.20
Unlimited Please get in touch for custom pricing

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