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Lower pricing and improved specs for Cloud Servers and Cloud SQL!

Today, we’re really pleased to announce new lower pricing for Cloud Servers, Cloud SQL and Cloud IPs which will reduce costs for customers by up to 40%!

At the same time, we’re also increasing the SSD disk and CPU allocations on many of our Cloud Server sizes and Cloud SQL instances, as well as introducing two brand new Cloud Server types to give you even more flexibility when building new servers!

For existing customers, the great news is you don’t need to do anything to gain from the lower pricing — it will automatically take effect from your next billing period :)

Doing things right

Throughout our products and our widely renowned customer support we’ve always focused on delivering a fantastic experience for customers — rather than cutting costs and corners for short term gains. This focus on amazing service can be seen in our incredibly high uptimes and the happiness and loyalty of our customers.

Doing things right costs more money. For example, we don’t penny pinch on our hardware or infrastructure costs and significantly over-provision to keep services running in the event of major failures. We continue this high availability all the way down the stack to the geographical location — so we run two completely separate UK locations with high-speed private fibre links between them. When you deploy your app to Brightbox and use our Load Balancing service, it literally spans two datacentres in real-time!

Having said that, some infrastructure costs (such as hardware) do tend to go down over time and we’re also continually improving and optimising our infrastructure to reduce costs whilst still maintaining our high standards. The results of these reduced costs are reflected in our pricing announcement today, as well as our recent load balancer capacity and pricing improvements.

“Standard” Cloud Servers More storage, more CPU and lower cost!

The new pricing and specs for our Standard SSD types are shown below. As you can see, pricing is significantly reduced across the board, with many types receiving more CPU and SSD storage at the same time.

Check out the updated pricing page for full details.

"Standard" Cloud Server Pricing
RAM CPU SSD storage Price
512 MB 1 vCPU 15 GB £7 £5 / mo (-28%)
1 GB 1 vCPU 30 GB £15 £9 / mo (-40%)
2 GB 2 vCPU 40 GB 60 GB (+50%) £27 £18 / mo (-33%)
4 GB 2 vCPU 60 GB 80 GB (+33%) £49 £30 / mo (-38%)
8 GB 2 4 vCPU (+100%) 80 GB 160 GB (+100%) £90 £55 / mo (-38%)
16 GB 2 6 vCPU (+200%) 120 GB 280 GB (+133%) £180 £110 / mo (-38%)
32 GB 4 8 vCPU (+100%) 180 GB 640 GB (+250%) £350 £210 / mo (-40%)
48 GB 4 12 vCPU (+200%) 240 GB 960 GB (+300%) £500 £360 / mo (-28%)
64 GB 8 16 vCPU (+100%) 300 GB 1280 GB (+320%) £700 £475 / mo (-32%)

Monthly pricing used here for illustration is based on 730 hours of usage in an average month.

Two brand new Cloud Server types Even more flexibility!

Our standard types, shown above, provide balanced amounts of RAM, CPU and SSD storage for general purpose workloads — the new categories cater for use cases where you need different proportions of RAM and SSD storage.

The specs and pricing for the two new categories can be seen below. To compare the types side-by-side, check out the comparison tab on the updated pricing page

RAM optimised

Designed for use cases where you need more RAM without needing increased CPU and SSD storage, such as running an application server or an in-memory database such as Memcache or Redis.

RAM optimised cloud servers provide an even lower cost alternative to our Standard types.

(NEW) Pricing for RAM Optimised types
RAM CPU SSD storage Price
8 GB 2 vCPU 60 GB £0.04110 / hr £30 / mo
16 GB 3 vCPU 80 GB £0.08219 / hr £60 / mo
32 GB 4 vCPU 100 GB £0.15753 / hr £115 / mo
48 GB 6 vCPU 100 GB £0.27397 / hr £200 / mo
64 GB 8 vCPU 100 GB £0.36301 / hr £265 / mo

Storage optimised

Storage optimised cloud servers have increased SSD storage to RAM ratios and are perfect for storage intensive workloads, such as running file servers or archival databases.

(NEW) Pricing for Storage Optimised types
RAM CPU SSD storage Price
4 GB 2 vCPU 280 GB £0.08219 / hr £60 / mo
8 GB 4 vCPU 640 GB £0.17123 / hr £125 / mo
16 GB 6 vCPU 1280 GB £0.35616 / hr £260 / mo
32 GB 8 vCPU 2560 GB £0.67808 / hr £495 / mo

These two new categories replace our previous “High IO” types. Existing High IO servers will continue to run, of course, but the types are now deprecated and aren’t listed directly in the list of available types. You can still build new High IO servers via the API using the unique type identifiers directly, so any automated systems won’t be affected, but they will be gradually phased out so please do update anything that uses them.

Reduced pricing for Cloud SQL

We are also increasing the specs of our Cloud SQL instance types, again providing more CPU and Storage with reduced pricing.

Reduced Cloud SQL Pricing
RAM CPU SSD storage Price
2 GB 2 vCPU 20 GB 40 GB (+100%) £39 £30 / mo (-23%)
4 GB 2 vCPU 40 GB 60 GB (+50%) £69 £45 / mo (-34%)
8 GB 2 4 vCPU (+100%) 60 GB 140 GB (+133%) £120 £75 / mo (-37%)
16 GB 2 6 vCPU (+200%) 100 GB 260 GB (+160%) £220 £140 / mo (-36%)
32 GB 4 8 vCPU (+100%) 120 GB 620 GB (+415%) £410 £260 / mo (-36%)

Reduced pricing for Load Balancers and Cloud IPs

As we announced two weeks ago, our Load Balancing service is now 30% cheaper at just £20 per month while receiving 10x performance and capacity increases!

Pricing for our dual-stack IPv4/6 instantly-movable-across-datacentre-zones Cloud IP addresses is reduced by 20% to £2 per month.

There’s still more…

We’re currently reviewing pricing for internet data and Orbit, our object storage service, and we hope to announce reduced pricing for these soon.

We’ve also got some exciting new features and products in the pipeline so do stay tuned.

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