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Block Storage Volumes Highly Available and Flexible persistent block storage for Cloud Servers.

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Built-in High Availability

Volumes are replicated in real time across 3 separate storage servers for high availability, so that there are always 3 copies of your data. Our distributed architecture means that there are no single points of failure.

Simple to use

Easily create and attach new auto-formatted Volumes to your Cloud Servers at any time. Volumes work just like regular SSD disks attached to your Cloud Servers.

Instant Live Resize

Volumes can be increased in size instantly at any time to increase storage capacity usually without rebooting.

Instant Hot Swap

Additional volumes can be moved between your Cloud Servers without rebooting.

Manage storage independently

Volumes enable you to add additional storage to your Cloud Servers without needing to upgrade RAM and CPU at the same time
(and vice versa)

Simple pricing

Only pay for the storage you need. Volumes are billed at 10p per GB/month. No hidden fees.

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