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IPv6 in the Brightbox Cloud

I don’t have to tell you why IPv6 is important – even the mainstream media has finally realised that the pool of IPv4 addresses is exhausted (it’s not like we needed tarot cards to predict it!). Any modern network must have support for IPv6.

We’ve been concentrating on perfecting IPv4 in Brightbox Cloud as that’s the immediate need, but we’ve considered IPv6 since day one of our network designs (over a year ago now!). Every cloud server will get IPv6 addresses by default (and AAAA dns records of course), so you’ll be able to access your servers directly. We already have this working for our own test servers and we’ll have it in the hands of our customers very soon.

IPv6 will be a “first class citizen” in the Brightbox Cloud – supported throughout all of our services: Our Cloud Servers, Load Balancers, Firewall, Cloud IPs and of course our API. We’re currently working on the full implementation but I thought it was worthwhile announcing our plans, since this is such an important aspect of our service.

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