New 16GB and 32GB Cloud Servers Now Available

Today, we’re announcing two new super-sized (and imaginatively-titled!) Server Types, XL and XXL, which are available for you to use right away.

In Brightbox Cloud, server types are the templates you use to define the RAM, CPU and storage specifications for your Cloud Servers. You can see the options available using the brightbox-types cli command.

With all this extra RAM and CPU, plus our RAID6 15k RPM SAS disk configuration and battery-backed write cache, these new server types are great for large MySQL clusters or similar.

Specs and Pricing

The table below shows the specs of the new XL and XXL server types. See our pricing page for further pricing details.

Server Type RAM (MB) Disk (GB) CPU cores Price (Linux etc) Price (Windows)
XL 16384 640 8 £0.80 per hour £0.992 per hour
XXL 32768 1280 8 £1.60 per hour £1.984 per hour

Using the new types

You can view the new types straightaway…

jeremy:~ $ brightbox-types list

 id         name                       handle  ram    disk     cores
 typ-4nssg  Brightbox Nano Instance    nano    512    20480    2    
 typ-iqisj  Brightbox Mini Instance    mini    1024   40960    4    
 typ-urtky  Brightbox Small Instance   small   2048   81920    4    
 typ-qdiwq  Brightbox Medium Instance  medium  4096   163840   8    
 typ-mlbt7  Brightbox Large Instance   large   8192   327680   8    
 typ-wdicw  Brightbox XL Instance      xl      16384  655360   8    
 typ-lr76m  Brightbox XXL Instance     xxl     32768  1310720  8    

…and use them to build new Cloud Servers in the usual way, by specifying one of the new server types…

jeremy:~ $ brightbox-servers create -t xl img-ofzk3
Creating a xl (typ-wdicw) server with image Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS server (img-ofzk3)

 id         status    type  zone   created_on  image_id   cloud_ip_ids  name
 srv-fmp7e  creating  xl    gb1-a  2012-03-13  img-ofzk3                    

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