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New Cloud Servers in 10 seconds

Last week we rolled out a few improvements to the image library facility on Brightbox Cloud.

You might have already noticed that creating a cloud server is now faster than ever, down from around a minute to under 10 seconds in some cases!

Snapshots are also much quicker and take up less space on the image library.

And finally, our image registration system now accepts a much wider range of virtual machine image formats, such as VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox, Windows Virtual PC and QEMU’s qcow2 format. Go for compressed qcow2 images for the fastest registration, as that’s the native format on our image store.

So if you want to run the latest boxgrinder meta appliance, try out Owncloud in a box vmware image, or just run up the latest Ubuntu official cloud qcow image simply upload via ftp in the usual manner, and register.

Our build system takes the registered image and writes it to raw LVM-based devices on our hosts. This ensures that you always get the highest performance and reliability from your Brightbox Cloud servers. The best of both worlds.

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