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Ubuntu packages for Passenger 4

The team at Phusion recently announced the first beta release of Passenger 4.0. It’s got some great new features, such as support for running multiple versions of Ruby at the same time and evented i/o.

We’ve built packages for this beta version for Ubuntu so you can start playing with it easily.

They’re on our Launchpad ppa:brightbox/passenger-experimental repository - installation docs are available here.

The packages are currently built only for Ubuntu Lucid, Oneiric and Precise and will work with or without our Ubuntu Ruby NG packages (though we’d recommend them!).

They should work as fresh installs and as upgrades from our stable v3 packages. You might notice the passenger-common packages have now all merged into one ruby-passenger packages, but that’ll all be handled automatically.

The package support both Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9.3 - you can just set the Apache PassengerRuby option to either ruby1.8 or ruby1.9.1 (or just ruby-switch to change the default ruby binary of course).

Please let us know about any success stories or problems at support@brightbox.com (you don’t have to be a Brightbox customer!)

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