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Brightbox plugin for Vagrant

Some of you who watch the Gem feeds may have noticed that I sneaked out a provider plugin for Vagrant that supports Brightbox Cloud.

Vagrant is a tool, written in Ruby, that allows you to create a complete development environment with a single command - saving loads of time and getting you productive sooner.

The Brightbox plugin allows you to create that environment on the Brightbox cloud as easily as you can locally.

So if you’re a Vagrant fan (or you become one after trying it out), then please give the plugin a go and see how you get on.

The instructions on how to use the plugin are on Github, along with the code. This is very much a beta release so please report any issues you find.

At the moment it’s not 100% seamless - as you have to add the dummy box and then fiddle with the image settings. But I’m working on that so stay tuned…

If you have any problems, drop us a line at support@brightbox.com or if you think you found a bug then open an issue on Github.

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