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NGINX 1.4.2 + Passenger 4.0.10 Ubuntu Packages

We published updated NGINX packages to our Passenger 4 Ubuntu package repository this week. NGINX is now upgraded to 1.4.2, and Passenger to 4.0.10. We upgraded the nginx-lua, headers-more and upstream-check nginx modules to the latest versions.

We also had to remove two obsolete modules, chunkin and upload. The chunkin module is no longer needed as mainline NGINX now has support for chunked request bodies.

And the upload module has not been updated to work with nginx 1.4 yet (and vaguely looks like it might not be, with lua offering some possibilities for this kind of thing instead).

So if you were using either of these modules, be sure to update your configs before upgrading. Neither of them were compiled into the standard nginx packages, so if you’re not using the nginx-extra package you’re certainly not affected by this change.

And note that the passenger_root directive needs to specify a different location with Passenger 4:

cat <<EOF >/etc/nginx/conf.d/passenger.conf

These packages are still in our passenger-experimental ppa. Once we’ve figured out a smooth upgrade process, we’ll be rolling Passenger 4 out to the main stable repositories.

Please let us know about any success stories or problems at support@brightbox.com (you don’t have to be a Brightbox customer, but it helps :)

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