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Announcing Brightbox Cloud SQL, our new MySQL Database-as-a-Service

Today, we’re pleased to be announcing the beta launch of Brightbox Cloud SQL - our new cloud database service…

Cloud SQL combines the performance and security of a dedicated database server with the agility and convenience of a cloud service.

Initially, Cloud SQL supports MySQL 5.5 only, but we plan to support PostgreSQL and maybe other databases in future.

Cloud SQL is available in Brightbox Manager right now, and is completely free until 1 March 2014!

Watch Brightbox Cloud SQL in action…


Product highlights

Straightforward, Zero-config MySQL database provisioning

Create high performance MySQL servers in minutes. All configuration is done behind-the-scenes by our cloud orchestration systems. Benefit from our many years of expert experience configuring and running large MySQL setups.

Simple Pay-As-You-Go pricing

You don’t need a team of chartered accountants to calculate pricing for Brightbox Cloud SQL. Pay for what you use, by the hour - it’s that simple :)

Hassle-free update and patch management

Minor version updates, patches and security updates are applied automatically to your Cloud SQL instances during a weekly maintenance window.

High performance as standard

You don’t have to pay extra for high performance disk storage for your Cloud SQL instances. It’s included by default, naturally.

Simple upgrades and migrations

Map and remap Cloud IPs to your Cloud SQL instances to provide seamless scaling to larger instances. Use standard MySQL tools to migrate your data in and out of Brightbox Cloud SQL whenever you like, with zero lock-in.

Secure Access control

Easily enable access to your Cloud SQL instances with access control. Cloud firewall configuration is tightly integrated behind-the-scenes.

Instant Database Snapshots

Take consistent point-in-time database snapshots instantly. Cloud SQL snapshots are stored in our distributed cloud storage system which provides offsite backups by default.

Pricing and Specifications

For the beta period, we are providing 3 simple options: Small, Medium and Large…

RAM Disk CPU cores Hourly cost Monthly cost *
Small 2 GB 40 GB 2 £0.08 per hour £58.40 per month
Medium 4 GB 80 GB 4 £0.16 per hour £116.80 per month
Large 8 GB 160 GB 4 £0.32 per hour £233.60 per month

* Monthly pricing is approximate, based on 730 hours.

Watch this space…

This is the first release of Cloud SQL and we have lot’s more to come, including:

  • Multi-zone replication/scaling options
  • Additional database engines (PostgreSQL in particular)
  • User specified maintenance windows
  • Additional Cloud SQL instance sizes
  • Slow query monitoring

Try it now - it’s free!

Cloud SQL is available now in Brightbox Manager - simply login and choose “Cloud SQL” from the left-hand menu.

If you’re not already a customer, you can create an account in 2-3 minutes…

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