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Auto-import of CoreOS on Brightbox Cloud

We’ve been providing CoreOS images on Brightbox Cloud since back in October but we often lag behind their official releases a little. So, in the spirit of CoreOS’s own automatic update policy we now auto-import the latest image every day.

The latest release image is marked as “official” (which means it shows up in our image listing by default) and the previous images gets marked as deprecated (which means you can still use it if you know the image identifier, like if you hard-coded it in a script).

The latest release, v268.1.0, is now available and brings support for btrfs, docker 0.9 and much more.

If you don’t already know, CoreOS is a lightweight operating system built for large-scale distributed deployments. It comes with a self-assembling clustered metadata service called etcd and is pre-installed with Docker, the Linux container engine.

We’ve got a guide to help you get started. You should be able to get a three node CoreOS cluster up and running in about 5 minutes!

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