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Dashboard design overhaul + Realtime event feed

We’ve just released some major updates to the Brightbox Cloud Manager dashboard, which we’re pretty excited about! We’re hoping these improvements will both make it easier to collaborate with others as well as keep track of what’s happening within your Brightbox account in realtime.

Realtime event feed

The first thing you’ll notice when you login, is the list of recent events which updates automatically in real-time as things happen…

You’ll generally see three types of events appearing in the feed:

  • User initiated events, such as “Steve Smith created Cloud Server srv-c8vi7”, which are displayed using the user’s own gravatar
  • API client initiated events, such as “My Fog API client updated Cloud Server srv-bc3th”, which appear with a cog icon
  • Backend events, such as “srv-c8vi7 became active”, which are displayed with a cloud icon and reflect what actually happened in the backend management systems

The event feed works by means of a websockets-enabled realtime messaging API and as things mature we’ll open up access to it for everyone.

We’re still adding new events and tweaking the language of the event descriptions but if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do let us know

Our aim is to help teams collaborate on managing their cloud resources, so we’d love to hear how you think we can improve. Would you like to be able to annotate events? Or perhaps create your own arbitrary events via an API? Let us know!


Above the event feed is a new notifications section, which displays general notices, such as pending collaboration invitations or if you haven’t yet provided an SSH key.

Billing summary

And finally, probably the most requested feature is the usage summary, where you’ll find a view of your current bill detailing the fees accrued so far. This will normally display billing data accurate to the last 24 hours.

We hope you find these updates useful. Please do let us know any comments or suggestions, we love to hear them.

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