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Cloud Load Balancers 400% Capacity Boost

Our Cloud Load Balancers add fault tolerance and horizontal scalability to your systems by enabling you to balance traffic across a pool of Cloud Servers located across our two datacentres.

When it comes to scaling up your web application on Brightbox Cloud, they’re an important piece of the puzzle so we’re continually optimising and tuning them.

So today we’re announcing that we’re quadrupling their maximum capacity from 10,000 to 40,000 concurrent connections.

And due to some SSL acceleration improvements, they can now handle 1.4 Gbps of encrypted HTTPS traffic (or up to 1.8 Gbps of standard HTTP traffic).

HTTP request size configuration

We’ve also added a new config option to allow you to set the maximum buffer size for the HTTP request headers. The lower the buffer size, the less RAM is used, so the more concurrent connections you can support.

Some apps need large buffer sizes to handle very large cookies or lots of custom HTTP headers set by a CDN, whereas some don’t use cookies and can set a very low buffer size (a buffer size as low as 1024 bytes will actually get you up to 80,000 concurrent connections!)

So this allows you to customise your load balancers for your own specific requirements. The default is 4096 bytes, which allows 20,000 concurrent connections and should support the majority of use cases.


From today, all newly created load balancers have the new higher capacity. You can seamlessly upgrade your existing load balancers by creating new ones with the same settings and then remapping your Cloud IPs.

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