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Introducing Orbit: our new Geo-redundant Object Store

Today I’m very pleased to announce Orbit - our new highly available and durable object storage service, based on OpenStack Swift.

You can check out the full details on the new Orbit page, but are just a few highlights:

  • Entirely UK owned and operated infrastructure
  • Three copies of each object stored on separate storage devices
  • Highly available - no single point of failure
  • Data encrypted in-flight and on disk
  • Simple pricing - just 5p per GB per month (Free until 1 Feb 2015)
  • API compatible with OpenStack Swift

You can read and write data to Orbit containers using the standard OpenStack Swift HTTP API, any number of libraries (Ruby, Node, PHP etc), the Swift CLI tool or even the simple SFTP service. Anything that can use OpenStack Swift can use Orbit!

Orbit is also integrated seamlessly with a number of other Brightbox products andd features. You can grant Collaborators and API clients read or write access to specific containers and, from today, all Cloud Server and Cloud SQL instance snapshots will go straight to your images Orbit container (existing snapshots will be migrated over the next few weeks).

Orbit has been used in production by our own systems for many months now - if you’ve built a Cloud Server from one of our official images, you’ve already used Orbit without realising it!

Managed Options

If you have a lot of data you’d like to import, you can send us physical media and we’ll fully manage importing your data into Orbit at high speed.

We can also build and manage a private OpenStack Swift cluster just for you. Our private Swift clusters are hosted on completely separate physical hardware but still benefit from our highly available UK infrastructure.

Please get in touch to discuss either of these options and we’ll be happy to help.

Get started now!

Orbit is ready to use right now: just log into Brightbox Manager and click the Orbit Storage button (or you can skip straight to uploading some data using SFTP). Both Orbit data storage and data transfer are free until February 2015.

If you’re not already a Brightbox customer you can get signed up in 2 minutes. We’ll even apply an automatic £50 credit to get you started.

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