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Search and order resources in Brightbox Manager

Over the last few weeks we’ve been rolling out improvements to resource lists in Brightbox Manager.

All resources, such as Cloud Servers, Load Balancers, SQL instances and Orbit objects can now be searched and ordered instantly. This makes it much easier to find a specific resource or groups of resources matching your criteria.

For example, you can find all cloud servers built with an Ubuntu Precise image by searching precise (and then get them upgraded, because support runs out for 12.04 at the end of this month!).

Or narrow it down to find just your elasticsearch servers running Precise by searching precise elasticsearch

Or find all your unmapped cloud ips by searching for unmapped. Or find a specific cloud ip by ip address.

And you can order any column by clicking the column header, and reverse the order by clicking it again. For example, click the last modified column to see the newest objects in an Orbit container first. Or order your server groups to find those with the most members.

Most of the heavy lifting is now done by the excellent DataTables plug-in for JQuery, which handles tens of thousands of items with ease, so you’ll see a big performance improvement too.

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