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Dockerised Tools for Brightbox

Many developers and engineers now use docker to simplify development and deployment, and we’re now pleased to announce we have dockerised two of our command line tools: Brightbox CLI and Terraform.

Now you can start using Brightbox even faster than before. If you have docker installed, you now have immediate access to these Brightbox Cloud tools with no installation required. Just replace your usual command line with the equivalent docker run command.

Brightbox CLI Usage

Brightbox CLI requires a working directory which can store the config. You can map any directory you like, or you can co-opt the default one created by a local cli command. You can use this directory with the following:

docker run -it -v ~/.brightbox:/root/.brightbox brightbox/cli <command>

For example to show the accounts run:

docker run -it -v ~/.brightbox:/root/.brightbox brightbox/cli accounts

and to create a server run:

docker run -it -v ~/.brightbox:/root/.brightbox brightbox/cli server create img-6xysw

Terraform Usage

The Terraform container includes the terraform tool and the Brightbox provider plugin, so you’re ready to build on Brightbox straight away. Run the docker container from the directory containing your terraform configuration - as you would do with a locally installed tool.

You can use such a configuration with the following:

docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/app/ -w /app/ brightbox/terraform <command>

For example: Initialize the plugins (You will only need to do this once)

docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/app/ -w /app/ brightbox/terraform init

Show the build plan

docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/app/ -w /app/ brightbox/terraform plan

We hope you find these containers useful, and if there are any other Brightbox tools you think would benefit from dockerisation, please raise an issue on Github or, even better, send us a pull request.

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