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Covid-19 Resilience at Brightbox

In this period of unprecedented uncertainty, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your cloud infrastructure. To that end I want to describe just a few of the ways in which we’re well-positioned for the current situation and to continue delivering service as normal for our customers.

TL;DR We’ve not had to make any significant changes and have everything we need in place to carry on business as usual.

Remote working

As a remote first company since our launch in 2007, we’re already completely geared up for remote working. We use a self-hosted XMPP internal group chat server for day to day synchronous team communication and various video conferencing services for weekly team meetings.

Systems availability

Our cloud infrastructure is built with resilience and high availability from the ground up – so we’re able to seamlessly handle the loss of a disk, power supply, physical host, switch, cable or router.

Physical hardware and spares

We maintain spares at our datacentres to cover common individual component failures such as disks, power supplies, ram sticks. Hardware failures themselves are actually incredibly rare. We put a lot of effort into testing, simplifying and standardising our hardware to reduce the likelihood of failure and to limit the number of spares we need to store at any one time.

Spare infrastructure capacity

We maintain plenty of live and ready-to-use capacity for new Cloud Servers, Load Balancers etc. Without adding any new capacity at all, with our current growth rate we have enough capacity for the next 8 to 12 months.

Financial stability

We’ve been profitable every year since launching in 2007 and are funded entirely from revenue so we’re not dependent on external finance for cash flow. We maintain significant cash reserves to provide financial stability during unforeseen circumstances.

Diverse customer base

Whilst our customer base is largely made up of developers and technical teams, we have a wide distribution of customer industries and sizes, so we’re not over exposed to one particular market vertical.


If you have any concerns not covered here, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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