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Orbit SFTP gateway now FASTER and STRONGER!

Orbit is our durable and highly available cloud storage service, based on OpenStack Swift.

We provide an SSH file transfer protocol gateway to Orbit which allows convenient access to your data. This week we’ve rolled out a few improvements to the service, the most obvious of which is support for the newer SSH crypto algorithms, such as ecdh-sha2-nistp256/384/521 and hmac-sha2-256/512, which means modern SSH clients (such as those that ship with Ubuntu 20.04) can now connect by default without any custom configuration.

But we’ve also we’ve reviewed the deployment and increased the service capacity, improving overall performance.

You can access the service as usual at sftp.orbit.brightbox.com:

$ sftp -o User=john@example.com sftp.orbit.brightbox.com
john@example.com@sftp.orbit.brightbox.com`s password: 
Connected to sftp.orbit.brightbox.com.

sftp> ls

If you are a collaborator on multiple accounts, then you can specify the account by adding the account identifier to the end of the username, separated with a colon:

$ sftp -o User=john@example.com:acc-xxxxx sftp.orbit.brightbox.com

And of course you can authenticate using account-specific API clients, which allows you to create “Orbit Storage Only” credentials and grant access to specific containers; very handy for automated backup systems:

$ sftp -o User=cli-xxxxx sftp.orbit.brightbox.com

Native API

The SFTP gateway is convenient, but remember that Orbit has a full native HTTP API, compatible with OpenStack Swift, which gives you more control and is higher performance. We always recommend using the native API if you’re integrating an application or backup system.

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