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Orbit Cloud Storage Container Quotas

We’ve recently added container quota support to our Orbit Cloud Object Storage service, allowing you to set container size and object count limits on a per-container basis. This makes it easy to you to control the maximum size of your storage containers which can be important if you’ve got strict budgets for a particular project, or just want to prevent an errant system creating too many objects!

Using quotas is really easy and just requires some custom metadata to be set on the container. The available options are:

X-Container-Meta-Quota-Bytes limits the total amount of data allowed in the container.
X-Container-Meta-Quota-Count limits the number of objects allowed in the container.

You can set container metadata with the swift command line tool, or even just curl, but our GUI makes it simple. Just edit your container, select Metadata and set it there:

Then try upload something that’s too big:

$ swift -A https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1.0/acc-xxxxx -U "john@example.com" -K "sometoken" upload myproject 20megfile
Object PUT failed: acc-xxxxx/myproject/20megfile 413 Request Entity Too Large   'Upload exceeds quota.'

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