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Terraform Provider v2

We’ve recently released version 2 of our Terraform provider which brings our Terraform support up to date both with the latest advances of the Brightbox API and the latest release of Terraform. This update of the provider uses v2 of the Terraform SDK, which supports version 12.26 or later of Terraform.

Increase Validation

We’ve added much greater validation to the Terraform provider, thanks to the increased number of validation helpers in the v2 SDK. This means far more errors in your manifests will be highlighted at the planning stage rather than from the API during the build.

Improved Load Balancer HTTPS Support

Recently we announced improved HTTPS facilities for our Load Balancers. Now these are available from within Terraform.

You can set a minimum accepted version of TLS for a load balancer, and set automatic redirects from HTTP to HTTPS. Both of which help you tighten the security of your load balancer installation.

Manage Automatic SSL/TLS Certifictes from Terraform

Each Load Balancer manifest can have a list of domains you want to create an automatic SSL/TLS certificate for

Add the domains to the load balancer, apply the plan, and a certificate will be created and managed for you.

Proxy Protocol

Load Balancer listeners can use the Proxy protocol to pass on details of the Client connection to the backend servers. That feature is now available within Terraform.

Updated Documentation

All the new features above have been added to the online documentation for the load balancer resource in Terraform. Check it out to discover the attributes and options you need to set in your manifest to activate the new features.

In addtion, we’ve updated the documentation examples to follow the version 12 and above Terraform HCL format.

How to Upgrade

Follow the Terraform guides to Upgrade your Terraform to the latest release. Check the Brightbox Provider documentation to make sure the Brightbox provider entry is correct, and if necessary run terraform init again to download the updated provider. As a Terraform Verified Provider the binary is signed and checked on download

- Installing brightbox/brightbox v2.0.2...
- Installed brightbox/brightbox v2.0.2 (signed by a HashiCorp partner, key ID 86A01C78D276AC7C)

Give Terraform a go

We’ve got a guide to getting started with Terraform on Brightbox, and you can sign up in 2 minutes and get a £50 credit so you can experiment with “infrastructure as code” for free!

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