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Cloud SQL Improvements and Version Updates

Over the past few months we’ve been working on some major improvements to the backend infrastructure for Cloud SQL – our simple Database-as-a-Service – with the objective of improving build times and enabling us to release new database engine versions sooner than we could previously.

I’m pleased to say that the improvements are now in production and have increased the speed of Cloud SQL instance builds by almost 300%! The new backend also greatly increases the speed of processing database configuration changes such as admin account password resets, which are now near-instantaneous.

The new backend also simplifies the process of adding new database engines – so watch this space!

In the meantime, as part of the rollout we’re updating the current available versions of PostgreSQL and MySQL.


We’ve added PostgreSQL 13 and 14 and we’ll be adding the upcoming PostgreSQL 15 as soon as it leaves beta.

We’ll also be deprecating version 10 when support ends. The table below shows the EOL schedule for PostgresSQL.

Major Version Current Minor Version End of Life (final release)
14 14.4 12 Nov 2026
13 13.7 13 Nov 2025
12 12.11 14 Nov 2024
11 11.16 9 Nov 2023
10 10.21 10 Nov 2022


As for MySQL, we’ve finally removed support for MySQL 5.6, which has been officially unsupported upstream since February 2021.

Our MySQL 5.7 instances are configured by default to be backwards compatible with 5.6 and are less strict about the quirkier SQL queries often associated with older apps, so you should be able to switch to 5.7 without modifications to your legacy code. Existing MySQL 5.6 instances will continue to run but we recommend that you migrate to a newer instance. New instances built from MySQL 5.6 snapshots will be auto-converted to MySQL 5.7, making migrations easy.

The table below shows the EOL schedule for MySQL.

Major Version Current Minor Version End of Life
8.0 8.0.29 Apr 2026
5.7 5.7.38 Oct 2023

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