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Getting in touch

Getting help using Brightbox

If you’re stuck and need some help using Brightbox, you can contact our support team directly by emailing support@brightbox.com

When you contact our support team you get a real Brightbox expert who knows our infrastructure and network inside out, not just a contact centre operative :)

We also provide support realtime chat support via the Brightbox Control Panel web app, depending on availability.

Reporting a problem

If you encounter an error or believe there is a problem with our systems please do let us know - although check the system status page first which lists details of any current known issues and when we expect them to be fixed.

If you’ve checked the status page, contact our support team by emailing support@brightbox.com including:

  • Your account id (acc-xxxxx)
  • The id of any affected Servers, Cloud IPs or Load Balancers
  • A clear description of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce the problem

Last updated: 14 Jun 2023 at 13:53 UTC

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