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Flatcar Container Linux on Brightbox

Flatcar Container Linux is a minimal, container-optimised Linux distribution directly descended from CoreOS Container Linux, which was discontinued by Red Hat in 2020.

Flatcar provides a drop-in replacement and plans to continue following the philosophy pioneered by CoreOS, delivering a fully open source, minimal-footprint, secure by default and always up-to-date Linux distribution for running containers at scale.

It has no package manager and requires that all applications run inside Docker containers, with support for multiple container runtimes. Atomic OS updates are provided automatically using immutable filesystem images.

It has built in support for advanced clustering configurations but runs just as well as a single system.

Flatcar Container Linux is officially supported on Brightbox and is an easy way to get up and running with Docker. We provide official images for the stable, LTS and beta release channels which are automatically updated.

You can just search for flatcar in the image library and choose the images marked official.

Flatcar Container Linux reference documentation and guides

Last updated: 10 Apr 2024 at 10:52 UTC

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