Brightbox Free and Open Source Software Projects

We contribute to various free and open source software projects, usually in the form of code but often supporting contributions like bug reporting or packaging. Here are a few examples.


fog is the Ruby cloud computing library. We maintain Brightbox Cloud support, as well as doing odd bits of general maintenance once in a while.

Brightbox Deployment recipes for Capistrano

We’ve been developing our Capistrano recipes for Ruby and Rails deployment since 2007.

More detailed information in the user guide.

Brightbox Cloud CLI

The Brightbox Cloud CLI is a tool for interacting with our API, for building and managing servers and load balancers etc. See the getting started guide for more details of how to use it.


We’ve got loads more bits and pieces on our Github page too.

Ubuntu Ruby Packaging

We maintain many packages for Ubuntu to make deploying Ruby applications easier, such as Ruby Enterprise Edition, Ruby 1.9.3 with CoW patches and Phusion Passenger packages.

More information can be found on our docs site here and here.

Ubuntu NGINX Packaging

We maintain NGINX packages for Ubuntu, with Passenger support. They’re available on

Brightbox Puppet Modules

We’re in the process of opening our Brightbox-battle-tested puppet modules for web cluster management.

Puppet Git Receiver

puppet-git-receiver makes deploying puppet manifests as simple as a git push.

Last updated: 04 May 2016 at 10:40 UTC

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