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CLI Installation on Windows Systems

You can use our Ruby gem package to install the CLI on Windows-based systems.

Windows Dependencies

As Ruby is not a standard part of the Windows operating system, you will need to install the Ruby language.

We recommend using the Ruby installer available at rubyinstaller.org. This will give you everything you need to install our gem package in one shot.

Any of the versions of Ruby available on this site will work fine with the Brightbox cli gem, but we recommend Ruby 1.9.3 as this is the latest and fastest version.

Binaries Path

You’ll need to make sure the binaries path is set correctly for Ruby to work in Windows. To set up the binaries path, tick the box labelled Add Ruby executables to your PATH in the Ruby Installer.

Install the Gem

You should now be ready to install the CLI Ruby Gem.

Last updated: 21 Mar 2016 at 21:59 UTC

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