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When you sign up normally to Brightbox, a user is created for you and an Account created to hold your resources and billing details.

It is possible to create multiple Accounts, for example, to manage resources for your own separate customers. Each Account has one owner, but can have multiple collaborators who can manage resources on it.

Accounts have a unique identifier of the form acc-xxxxx.

Each account has one associated credit card.

Creating an account

To sign up with Brightbox, create a new account using Brightbox Manager. This will create a new account and an associated account owner.

Account Limits

Each account has a number of default limits that restrict the amount of resources that can be in use at once.

To view your limits and current usage, use the Brightbox Manager and click “Account & Billing” in the side bar and then “Account Limits”.

You can request an increase of any limit by clicking the “Request increase” button. Set the new limit that you’d like to request and provide some details about why you need the increase.

Closing your account

To close your account, ensure that all your resources have been removed (destroy all Servers, Load Balancers and Machine Images and un-allocate all Cloud IPs etc).

Then, as the owner of the account, use the Brightbox Manager to make a Billing Support Request and request that your account should be closed.

A final invoice will usually be issued within seven days and your account will be closed.

Last updated: 09 Jul 2021 at 11:21 UTC

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