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Image Library

The image library holds Cloud Server images and snapshots.

When you create a new Cloud Server with a particular server image the build system retrieves it from the Image Library. We provide a range of official public server images such as Centos, Ubuntu and Windows 2008.

You can upload and register your own server images for your own private use, or share them with other users by marking them public.

When you snapshot an existing cloud server, the resulting private image is recorded in your Image Library.

There is various metadata associated with a server image which is described in more detail in the server images reference documentation.

Data storage

The actual Image Library image and snapshot data is stored in Orbit, our highly-available object storage system. The data is available in a special container named “images” and can be accessed directly using the standard Orbit interfaces, including the SFTP.

Last updated: 26 Apr 2021 at 16:04 UTC

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