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Brightbox natively supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Each Cloud Server is on its own private VLAN and assigned a private IP address within its own /30 network all within the range. The Cloud Server has one IP, given to it by DHCP, and the other IP is used by the gateway.

The gateway IP is also a recursive DNS service, also advertised by DHCP.


Each Cloud Server is also assigned an IPv6 /64. Cloud Servers usually generate their own IPv6 address(es) from the advertised prefix using their MAC address, as per RFC 4862, though any IPv6 address within the given /64 can be used.

Some images are configured by default to generate additional temporary IPv6 address for privacy reasons and will use these addresses randomly for outgoing connections.

Access control

Access to and from each Cloud Server is controlled by our distributed firewall service.


Convenient forward and reverse DNS records are provided for Cloud Server addresses. More details are available in the DNS reference docs.

Cloud IPs

Cloud IPs are public addresses that can be moved between Cloud Servers, Load Balancers and Cloud SQL instances. More details are available in the Cloud IP reference docs


Internet data is billed by the gigabyte, aggregated for your account. Data transferred between services within the same region is free-of-charge.

Last updated: 15 Jun 2023 at 09:59 UTC

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