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Brightbox Vagrant image list

Last updated: 06 Dec 2023

ID Owner Arch Name
img-ypniy Brightbox x86_64 AlmaLinux-8-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-5ocf1 Brightbox x86_64 AlmaLinux-9-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-hy0lf Brightbox i686 Blank Disk Image Vagrant file
img-t3xyp Brightbox x86_64 Blank Disk Image Vagrant file
img-adtke Brightbox i686 Blank Disk Image (compat) Vagrant file
img-ztdma Brightbox x86_64 Blank Disk Image (compat) Vagrant file
img-8uks9 Brightbox x86_64 Brightbox Bootstaller Vagrant file
img-n7wxl Brightbox x86_64 CentOS-7-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-rzlml Brightbox x86_64 Fedora-38-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-gpd9r Brightbox x86_64 Fedora-39-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-j7429 Brightbox x86_64 FreeBSD-12-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-8ft95 Brightbox i686 FreeBSD-12-i386-server Vagrant file
img-7fl2y Brightbox x86_64 FreeBSD-13-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-45kzr Brightbox i686 FreeBSD-13-i386-server Vagrant file
img-jojo6 Brightbox x86_64 Windows 2008 Server R2 Vagrant file
img-hj5x9 Brightbox x86_64 Windows Server 2019 Standard Vagrant file
img-we7z3 Brightbox x86_64 debian-10-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-1cpsd Brightbox x86_64 debian-11-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-pdju2 Brightbox x86_64 debian-12-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-uv89f Brightbox x86_64 fedora-coreos-38-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-nnjek Brightbox x86_64 fedora-coreos-39-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-gkx2i Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-bionic-18.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-5yy1j Brightbox i686 ubuntu-bionic-18.04-i386-server Vagrant file
img-3odcl Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-focal-20.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-v18fs Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-jammy-22.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-7vk5c Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-lunar-23.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-ueut4 Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-mantic-23.10-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-7ked7 Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-14.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-e7rke Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-14.04-amd64-server-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-uhqh1 Brightbox i686 ubuntu-trusty-14.04-i386-server Vagrant file
img-vxhz0 Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-16.04-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-wfuby Brightbox x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-16.04-amd64-server-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-ogl2n Brightbox i686 ubuntu-xenial-16.04-i386-server Vagrant file
img-36gq8 acc-tqs4c i686 Blank Image Vagrant file
img-ir0h9 acc-tqs4c x86_64 Blank Image Vagrant file
img-jgx78 acc-tqs4c i686 Blank Image (compat) Vagrant file
img-819f3 acc-tqs4c x86_64 Blank Image (compat) Vagrant file
img-bapzh acc-tqs4c x86_64 Brightbox RancherOS Vagrant file
img-ykxz5 acc-tqs4c x86_64 debian-sid-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-odyub acc-tqs4c x86_64 fedora-coreos-38-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-bjjyv acc-tqs4c x86_64 fedora-coreos-39-x86_64-server Vagrant file
img-bgo5n acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-bionic-18.04-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-1gyui acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-bionic-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-2e4b7 acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-bionic-daily-i386-server Vagrant file
img-wq3b3 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-focal-20.04-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-d0ckb acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-focal-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-wuw0j acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-focal-daily-i386-server Vagrant file
img-56joa acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-jammy-22.04-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-5dj8z acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-jammy-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-rdmi5 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-lunar-23.04-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-hf93a acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-lunar-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-qjdsp acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-mantic-23.10-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-o6iwk acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-mantic-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-gmxi5 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-noble-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-b3r6w acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-jr7r7 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server-hwe-u Vagrant file
img-3upob acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server-hwe-u-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-vck69 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server-hwe-v Vagrant file
img-gr3ji acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server-hwe-v-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-ulwu7 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-trusty-daily-amd64-server-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-1nhby acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-trusty-daily-i386-server Vagrant file
img-57qmt acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-trusty-daily-i386-server-hwe-u Vagrant file
img-425vz acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-trusty-daily-i386-server-hwe-v Vagrant file
img-77lf1 acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-16.04-amd64-minimal Vagrant file
img-zk0zh acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-16.04-amd64-minimal-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-8domp acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-daily-amd64-server Vagrant file
img-qhdyr acc-tqs4c x86_64 ubuntu-xenial-daily-amd64-server-uefi1 Vagrant file
img-8s1fi acc-tqs4c i686 ubuntu-xenial-daily-i386-server Vagrant file