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Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration system for containers which automates management of containerized applications (primarily using Docker).

Kubernetes integrates with Brightbox in various ways.

Brightbox Container Registry

Our Container Registry allows you to store and access Docker images within Brightbox, using your Brightbox login details.

Brightbox Kubernetes Cloud Controller

Our Cloud Controller plugin provides tighter integration between Brightbox and Kubernetes.

A Kubernetes ingress service is added that integrates with Brightbox to create Load Balancers on-demand, providing highly-available load balancng, SSL acceleration and Let’s Encrypt certificate support.

And Brightbox-specific annotations are added to the nodes in Kubernetes, labelling them with the zone, image type and the cloud addressing details.

The code and documentation is available on Github.

Terraform configuration

We maintain a set of terraform configs to build a Kubernetes cluster on Brightbox, preconfigured with our cloud controller plugin.

The code is available on Github.


Our Kubernetes clusters can build new cloud servers to add capacity when needed. See the autoscaling guide for help on setting that up or learn about the gory details of how it works in the blog post.


Last updated: 14 Jun 2023 at 13:53 UTC

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