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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 now available

“Any OS, any app, any time”, whilst not any sort of official slogan or mantra, is a phrase that has been ticking over in my head for a while and sums up the level of flexibility and agility we want to enable with Brightbox.

So, for the next step down that road, I’m pleased to announce the availability of our Windows Server 2008 R2 official image for Brightbox.

It’s always been possible to build and run Windows images on Brightbox (as with any PC-based OS), but optimal performance requires the configuring of “virtio” drivers which can involve a fair amount of effort, in addition to the overhead of managing licencing. Our official Windows Server 2008 image deals with both of these issues.

Windows cloud servers incur an hourly licence fee, in addition to the regular hourly rate for whichever server type you choose (e.g a “mini”). The billing system will automatically add the hourly Windows licence usage to your bill separately, so you don’t need to do anything. See the pricing page for full details.

Screencast and documentation

We’ve published a simple step by step guide which will get you running a securely firewalled IPv6-enabled Windows 2008 server in minutes, and John’s also recorded an excellent screencast which I recommend you check out:

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