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Ubuntu Precise daily images

Ubuntu’s next Long Term Support release, 12.04 “Precise Pangolin”, is due at the end of April and it’s looking really good!

To make it simple to help with beta testing, we’re making daily builds of Precise direct to Brightbox Cloud Server images.

Use the --show-all flag with brightbox-images to list all public images to show the daily builds. You can use grep to search the list:

$ brightbox-images list --show-all | grep Precise

 id         owner      type      created_on  status   size   name                                  
 img-iqrpk  acc-tqs4c  upload    2012-03-20  public   1025   Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS server (i686)  
 img-ca4j1  acc-tqs4c  upload    2012-03-20  public   1025   Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS server (x86_64)

Then you can use that image1 to build the server:

$ brightbox-servers create -n "precise testing" img-ca4j1

Creating a nano (typ-4nssg) server with image Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS server (img-ca4j1)

 id         status    type  zone   created_on  image_id   cloud_ip_ids  name           
 srv-5pr0g  creating  nano  gb1-a  2012-03-20  img-ca4j1                precise testing

If you have IPv6 you can ssh straight in, otherwise you’ll need to map a Cloud IP:

$ ssh ubuntu@ipv6.srv-5pr0g.gb1.brightbox.com
Welcome to Ubuntu precise (development branch) (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-19-virtual x86_64)

If you want to test out the desktop stuff, install the ubuntu-desktop package:

ubuntu@srv-5pr0g:~$ sudo apt-get install -qy ubuntu-desktop

Then set a password for the ubuntu user and reboot:

ubuntu@srv-5pr0g:~$ sudo passwd ubuntu
Enter new UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
passwd: password updated successfully

ubuntu@srv-5pr0g:~$ sudo reboot

Then you can access the Brightbox graphical console in your browser and start playing!

$ brightbox-servers activate_console srv-5pr0g
Activating console for server srv-5pr0g

 url                                                             token     expires             
 https://srv-5pr0g.console.gb1.brightbox.com/?password=4jfff71n  4jfff71n  2012-03-20T11:30:56Z

Get reporting those bugs and make the next LTS release the best one yet!

You can sign-up for Brightbox in just a couple of minutes with no commitment - just pay for what you use by the hour.

  1. These images belong to account acc-tqs4c, which is one of our daily builder accounts. There are some other regularly built test images available from that account too. 

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