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Brightbox Cloud CLI v1.0.0

We’ve just released a major new version of our command line tool, v1.0.0 - it’s available for installation right now on Windows, OSX and the various GNU/Linux distros.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve restructured the separate tools into one command, similar to git, so instead of using brightbox-servers you now use brightbox servers. The old style tools are still available for compatibility, but are deprecated.

The most important change is that the CLI now supports username and password OAuth authentication. This is in line with Brightbox Manager, so you can now authenticate with one set of credentials to access all the accounts you own or are a collaborator on - rather than have to configure an API client for each account as was the case previously. The CLI Getting Started Guide explains this in a little more detail.

We’ve also added support for inviting and managing collaborators within the CLI, bringing it back into line with Brightbox Manager.

The bash auto-completion script has also received some major love and it’s now easier to use when installed using the Ruby gem. It really makes using the CLI much easier. Just run the following command to set it up:

complete -C _brightbox-bash-completer -o filenames brightbox

Add that command to your ~/.bashrc so it’s set up for every new shell (if you’re using our Ubuntu packages, then this is set up for you automatically).

    brightbox - 

    brightbox [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


    --account=arg    - Set the account to use (default: none)
    -c, --client=arg - Set the api client to use (default: none)
    --help           - Show this message
    -k, --insecure   - Disable peer SSL certificate verification
    -s, --simple     - Simple output (tab separated, don't draw fancy tables)
    --version        - Display the program version

    account-access    - Lists accounts you can access (when using user credentials)
    accounts          - Manages the accounts
    cloudips          - Manages an account's cloud IP addresses
    collaborators     - Lists collaborations scoped to an account
    config            - Manages local configuration settings and credentials
    firewall-policies - Manages an account's firewall policies
    firewall-rules    - Manages an account's firewall rules for a policy
    groups            - Manages an account's server groups
    help              - Shows a list of commands or help for one command
    images            - List official and public images and also manages an account's
    lbs               - Manages an account's load balancers
    servers           - Manages an account's servers
    types             - Lists the type of templates available for servers
    users             - Lists the users associated with an account
    zones             - Lists the zones available to an account or see more details

If you’ve not yet tried Brightbox Cloud, you can create an account now. (signup takes only a couple of minutes).

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