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Fedora 19 on Brightbox Cloud

We’ve been providing our own custom-built Fedora images for a while now but we’re very happy to see that Fedora is now providing their own cloud-based images for each release.

We’ve added them to our official image library and will keep them up to date, just as we do with the Ubuntu images.

The images integrate with our Amazon EC2-compatible metadata service, so they install your ssh keys automatically on boot. You can log straight in as the fedora user.

As with most RedHat-based distros, Fedora images try to find Kerberos servers to handle your login. If you’re not using Kerberos, you can speed up ssh access by disabling it in your local ssh config. So in ~/.ssh/config just add GSSAPIAuthentication no.

And don’t forget that you can find the login username of any image by hovering over the Name field for the image in the Brightbox Manager or with the command line interface command brightbox images show img-xxxxx

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