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Brightbox Cloud SQL now supports MySQL 5.6

As of today, Brightbox Cloud SQL (which we announced a couple of weeks back) now supports MySQL 5.6 in addition to MySQL 5.5.

MySQL 5.6 brings lots of new features, in particular a much smarter optimizer, online DDL/Schema changes, full text indexing of InnoDB tables and much more.

Cloud SQL is available in Brightbox Manager right now, and is completely free until 1 March 2014!

Check out the Cloud SQL screencast from the original announcement…

Watch this space…

Cloud SQL is still young and we have lots more to come, including:

  • Multi-zone replication/scaling options
  • Additional database engines (PostgreSQL, MariaDB)
  • User specified maintenance windows
  • Additional Cloud SQL instance sizes
  • Slow query monitoring

Try it now - it’s free!

Cloud SQL is available now in Brightbox Manager - simply login and choose “Cloud SQL” from the left-hand menu.

If you’re not already a customer, you can create an account in 2-3 minutes…

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