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CentOS 7.1 Cloud Images

CentOS 7.1 was announced yesterday afternoon and is now available on Brightbox. As with our official Ubuntu images, we import all new CentOS releases automatically so they’re always available for use as soon as possible.

Our Centos images are pre-installed with cloud-init, so your ssh keys are automatically installed (onto the centos user), the filesystem is grown and all the other great stuff that cloud-init does for you.

So just build a new CentOS cloud server with the new image and SSH right in as the centos user over native IPv6. Or map a Cloud IP and SSH in using IPv4.

Get started with CentOS

If you’re not already a customer, you can sign up in a couple of minutes and receive an automatic free £50 credit. Make sure you provide an SSH key so you can access your new CentOS servers after they’re built.

Our getting started guide will, of course, get you started.

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