CockroachDB on Brightbox Cloud

We’ve been working with CockroachDB lately and have been very impressed. It’s an open source, distributed, highly-available SQL database server. It’s been in development for years but v1.0 was released in May this year.

It offers fully-distributed ACID transactions, zero-downtime schema changes, secondary indexes, foreign keys, and joins.

It speaks the PostgreSQL protocol, so it’s pretty easy to start using in your projects but it’s not a drop-in replacement for PostgreSQL and they do not plan feature parity, so don’t get too carried away.

Though it is still exciting! It looks solidly engineered, even passing harsh Jepsen partition tolerance tests.

And if you’re using Ruby on Rails, they’ve released an ActiveRecord adapter too.

We’ve written a guide to getting CockroachDB up and running on Brightbox Cloud in just a few minutes. So go give it a try!

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