Kubernetes now supports Brightbox Load Balancers

We’ve released a new version of our Brightbox Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager which now supports our Load Balancer service. It allows Kubernetes to create and manage Brightbox Load Balancers to handle ingress traffic. Our Load Balancers natively support Let’s Encrypt so securing your deployments becomes super easy. Not to mention that it all comes with IPv6 as standard too!

Our Kubernetes Cloud Controller plugin provides tighter integration with Brightbox Cloud, adding Brightbox-specific details to the nodes in Kubernetes, labelling them with the zone, image type and the cloud addressing details. So for example, you can deploy apps within Kubernetes that understand about our multiple zones to ensure high availability across datacentres.

$ kubectl get service/hello-world2
NAME          TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP                                     PORT(S)                      AGE
hello-world   LoadBalancer,2a02:1348:ffff:ffff::6d6b:25d6   80:30463/TCP,443:30507/TCP   3h

We’ve written a guide to deploying an app to a Kubernetes cluster with a Brightbox Load Balancer. It follows on from our guide to deploying a Kubernetes cluster pre-configured with our cloud controller using Terraform.

We’re still busy improving integration with Kubernetes at the moment so more announcements coming very soon. Let us know where your Kubernetes pain points are and we’ll see where we can help.

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