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Scheduled Snapshots for Cloud Servers

Our snapshot feature enables you to create a reusable point-in-time copy of an existing Cloud Server disk which can be used as the source image for building new servers. Snapshots are stored in Orbit, our highly available and durable object store.

In this way, snapshots can be used to vertically scale or “upgrade” an existing Cloud Server by creating a snapshot, building a new Cloud Server from the snapshot using a larger type (with more CPU for example) and then remapping any Cloud IP addresses.

Snapshots are also useful as a longer term, full disk backup of Cloud Servers and you can even download the snapshot image file from Orbit for additional peace-of-mind.

Until recently, snapshots were created by manually initiating a snapshot request via the Control Panel or CLI but we’ve now added the ability to manage automated snapshots according to a daily, weekly or monthly schedule – in the same way as can be done for Cloud SQL snapshots – meaning it’s very easy to automate simple unattended full backups of your Cloud Servers.

In addition, you can create a simple retention policy which defines how many automated snapshots to keep.

If you have any questions about the new scheduled snapshots feature get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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