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Container Registry now supports public docker images

Since announcing our container registry back in 2019, usage has grown and it has become a critical part of our service. And with the continued adoption of Docker-based systems such as Kubernetes (and more recently mrsk) things aren’t likely to slow down.

One limitation of the service was that docker images could only be private and required user or API client credentials to pull.

But now that’s changed and we support publishing public images!

It’s as simple as making a repository public and all images within it can then be pulled without authentication. There is no limit on how many repositories you create and no extra charge for them, so you can organise your images however you like.

$ docker pull cr.brightbox.com/acc-h3nbk/ubuntu:latest
latest: Pulling from acc-h3nbk/ubuntu
d1669123f281: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:e95d9f01494ce72bb7a1e4f3d74894c86b73c18182bb6449fac43463e692b412
Status: Downloaded newer image for cr.brightbox.com/acc-h3nbk/ubuntu:latest

Docker images on the container registry can be accessed from anywhere, including over IPv6, and access within Brightbox Cloud is free.

More details in the container registry documentation.

We’ve got more improvements on the way, including better image management from within our control panel.

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