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Vagrant Box Files available for Brightbox Images

I mentioned the other day that our Vagrant integration wasn’t as smooth as I’d like.

So I’ve fixed that for you.

The Brightbox documentation site now publishes Vagrant box files for all the public server images on Brightbox Cloud.

You can work out the URL for any given image id. If you have image id img-abcde then the corresponding Vagrantbox file is at /vagrant/img-abcde.box.

But you don’t have to remember that because we’ve put together a list of all the images with links to the box files to make it a little easier. We’re updating this list daily, so all the latest images will be available.

The box file sets the image id and the username which means that you can have a seamless Vagrant experience whether you are logging into CentOS or Ubuntu.

It’s even smoother if you make sure that your ssh key is the same on your local Virtualbox installations as it is on Brightbox Cloud. Switching between the two is then effortless.

Getting up and running

So to get up and running, sign up to Brightbox Cloud if you haven’t already. Then write yourself a Fog config containing your Brightbox Cloud API client id and secret:

$ cat ~/.fog
  :brightbox_client_id: cli-abcdf
  :brightbox_secret: jeudheEUj38d2dxdeAd

Install the Vagrant plugin:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-brightbox

Choose an image using the brightbox cli:

$ brightbox-images list | grep Precise

 id         owner      type      created_on  status  size   name                                                     
 img-mvunm  brightbox  official  2012-11-06  public  1025   Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS server (i686)                   
 img-q6gc8  brightbox  official  2012-11-06  public  1281   Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS server (x86_64)

And setup a box using the new URL format:

$ vagrant box add precise32 /vagrant/img-mvunm.box

The README on github has more details.

Again if you have any problems, drop us a line at support@brightbox.com or if you think you found a bug then open an issue on Github.

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